COVID-19 is a global crisis that needs all communities across the world, together with governments, UN entities, and broad civil society organizations, to join forces in keeping people safe and well. As an international learning exchange, the JLI aims to facilitate evidence building and creation to support faith and COVID-19 response. We will update this page with JLI collaborations and partner initiatives (as possible)

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The Multi-religious Faith in Action COVID-19 Initiative as part of the Faith and Positive Change for Children Global Initiative

We affirm the unique roles played by religious leaders and actors, in influencing values, attitudes, behaviours and actions that affect the development and wellbeing of the world’s children. The Initiative is coordinated by Religions for Peace (RFP)  and UNICEF with support from Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities ( JLI) as part of the global partnership on Faith and Positive Change for Children, Families and Communities. This initiative just launched global guidance documents for religious leaders and faith communities.

To date the partners held seven regional webinars to increase awareness and strengthen coordinated efforts through the global Faith-in-Action campaign, to mobilize inter-faith commitments of Religious Leaders and Faith representatives including Women of Faith and Interfaith Youth Network Members to support the specific calls to action; to equip these Influencers with a standard set of global guidance with messages and resources that can be customized for local use and to share existing examples of best practices to motivate others

JLI and Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University and the World Faiths Development Dialogue

Religious Responses to COVID-19 Resource Platform: The joint platform aims to organize information so that it can be quickly found and used by development policymakers and practitioners and religious actors who seek to work together in the COVID-19 response. View the resource repository here and sign up to get daily emails


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  • Quick analysis guide on faith, COVID-19 and vaccine rollout. This guide offer a series of questions for different actors to ask, allowing for context-specific analysis and solutions, and acting as a starting place for deeper engagement.
    • one page (Part 1) for health and development professionals looking to engage with faith actors on COVID-19 vaccines, and
    • one page (Part 2) for faith actors seeking to play a role in COVID-19 vaccines rollout.

Webinar Series

2022 – Looking Back to Look Forward: COVID-19 and Faith Reflections on 2020-2021 webinar series

  • Faith Engagement & COVID-19: What Really Works?: Webinar link
  • Faith and the COVID-19 Pandemic at Two Years – A Retrospective Webinar: Webinar link 
  • Two-year updates from National and Regional Faith Actor COVID-19 Responses: Webinar link
  • Listening to the Stories of Local Faith Actors on COVID-19 Response: Webinar link


  • COVID Vaccination Challenges: Ethical Imperatives and Local Realities: Webinar link


  • The COVID-19 Crisis: Taking Stock of Religious Responses: Webinar link
  • The COVID 19 Crisis: From Past Experiences to Present Realities: Webinar link
  • The COVID-19 Crisis: Adaptations and Tensions During the Month of Ramadan:  Webinar with guest speakers including JLI Refugees and Forced Migration Co-Chair Atallah Fitzgibbon see here for video
  • The COVID-19 Crisis: Faith Engagement Between Peace and Conflict in Asia: Webinar link
  • Balancing in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis: Adapting and Reimagining Faith-Inspired Programs: Webinar link
  • The COVID-19 Crisis: Civil Society Responses in Mexico and Along the Border: Webinar link
  • Young Women of Faith and Transformative Leadership in COVID-19 Response: Webinar link
  • Food and Faith Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis: Directions Ahead: Webinar link
  • Discussions will be ongoing, see the Berkley website for more information

Other Webinars

Coping with Coronavirus: World Council of Churches Webinar

  • JLI Director of Research Olivia Wilkinson participated as part of a panel of Health Experts and Church Leaders Co-Address COVID-19 Pandemic

Children on the Move: KAICIID webinar

  • JLI Director of Research Olivia Wilkinson participated as part of a panel

COVID-19 Response among Faith-based Health Organizations Survey

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities (JLI) are working together to identify unmet needs for support among faith-based health providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This will be a monthly survey to see how needs change over the course of the response.

See the Survey Results


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