Guidelines for NGO stakeholders and reviewers

The purpose of this short guide is to promote thinking and best practice in giving formative feedback on draft academic research reports. The main intended readership is Tearfund staff, but it may be of relevance to other NGO practitioners engaged in NGO academic research. Carefully crafted and well timed feedback from stakeholders can make a big difference to the quality of research reports, the usefulness of recommendations made, and the morale of all those involved. By extension, it is key  to the success of NGO–academic research collaborations.
The guide is structured in two parts. Part 1 considers how to give effective feedback, with tips for giving feedback ‘in the margins’ of an electronic document (eg adding comments or tracking changes in Google Docs or Word). Part 2 considers how to approach a draft research report as Tearfund staff and/or NGO practitioners invited to comment, and presents a framework for what to provide feedback on.

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